Magutny Bozha - Prayer For Belarus

This film is a collaboration with talented Belarusian musicians Rostany and Naka Band, and directed and animated by Yulia Ruditskaya. Based on an unofficial Belarusian Anthem / Prayer, "Magutny Bozha," it's a prayer for all the brave and incredible Belarusians who continue fighting in a peaceful protest for their freedom and human rights, including the right to fair elections and freedom of speech. Unfortunately, the government's response with brutality to suppress these peaceful protests is rising every day since August 9, 2020. The authors pray for Belarus and Belarusians and hope wholeheartedly to see Belarus free again.

Director's Statement

This animated film was created in anticipation of the dramatic events that followed on August 9, 2020, in Belarus during the presidential elections. As almost a visceral response to the violence, unfortunately, it turned quite prophetic. Absurd and governmental brutality and against the people of Belarus continues to grow every day. It is based on the Prayer, Magutny Bozha (God Almighty). The Patriarchal Exarch of All Belarus forbade believers to sing the hymn "God Almighty." Legendary Hymn of Belarusian freedom. It was written by N. Arseneva in 1943, followed by music composed by N. Ravenskiy in 1947, and became one of the symbols of peaceful Belarusian protest.

Directed, designed and animated by Yulia Ruditskaya

Music by Rostany & NakaBand

Sound Design by Viktar Rudenka

Belarus, 2020

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