Yulia Ruditskaya

And The Moon Stands Still

The trailer of the award winning short animated film directed by Yulia Ruditskaya


The presence of themoon affects all under its glow, but the demon wants to destroy the peacefulworld, he pierces the starts and causes the flood, and he even wants to eat themoon... The film explores the lunar cycle and the energies invoked by its radiance.


Directed/designed/animated by Yulia Ruditskaya

Producer: David Lindner Leporda

Script: Yulia Ruditskaya, David Lindner Leporda, Helen Simon, Katharina Koster

Original music score: Izzy Gliksberg

Sound design & mix: Andreas Goldbunner

Filmallee/Yulia Ruditskaya 2017 (c)

Interview with the director for We Are Moving Stories here

Interview with me and other women directors, participating at Heartland Film Festival 2017 here

Awards and Nominations:

·     Best Design Award at 48th ASIFA East AnimationFestival 2017

·     Excellence in Animation Filmmaking Award,Independent prize Women In Animation 2017

·      Winner Best Animation Short Film at Golden Dragonfly International Short Film Festival 2017

·      Winner Best Animated Film at 11th Vision International Short Film Festival 2017

·      Best 2D Animated Film at 10th Banjaluka International Animation Festival 2017

·      Best Belarusian Animated Film at 20th Animayouka International Animation Festival 2017

·     Special Jury Prize  at 21st AVANCA 2017 International Film Festival

·     Special Jury Prize  at 21st THAI International Film and Video International Festival 2017

·     Award Winner Animation at 22nd Indie GatheringInternational Film Festival 2017

·     Finalist and Nominee at HeartlandInternational Film Festival 2017

·     Finalist at Visioni Corte Film Festival 2017

·     Nominee Best Animated Film at SohoInternational Film Festival New York, NY

·     Nominee Best Animation for the GOLDEN GOBLET AWARD SHORT FILM at

the 20th Shanghai International Film Festival 2017

·     Nominee for Best Animation MINIKINO Film WeekShort Film Festival 2017, Indonesia

·  Nominee for Best Animation FilmstripInternational Film Festival 2017, USA

Festivals screenings schedule here

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